Last years Becky Hart Clinic

This is the information from last years Becky Hart Clinic.  I personally learned a lot about my riding that I could use to better help my horse while training and competing.  For me body positioning was a big thing.  It was interesting to watch ALL the horses and how they changed their positions and attitudes as Becky changed  our positions on our horses.  Some horses relaxed, some  horses lower their heads, some horses changed their strides as Becky coached us on our positions.   A lot of this was done at the walk, which I was skeptical of, but was very applicable to all gaits as in my training I began to use her ideas. MRER Present

An Endurance Clinic With

Multiple National/International Champion

May 21-23, 2010
Singu Ranch

Join USA National Chef d’equipe Becky Hart for an endurance skills weekend!  Learn some new ones or brush up on old ones at this two and a half day clinic. Open to all levels of experience from beginners to old hands.  There is space for twenty riders to bring horses as there will be two Centered Riding sessions as well as riding on the trail.  Twenty-five spaces are available for non-riders as well, with plenty of things to learn and do.  Topics to include:
·         Vet check basics         Moving up to the next distance

·         Pulse taking                 Improved equitation equals improved horse performance

·         Proper pacing             Centered riding for endurance

·         ….and much more!

Includes Fri dinner; lite breakfast &  lunch Sat/Sun, Sat BBQ
Stabling available
Please call or email Holly Ulyate and reserve your space by MAY 8th


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