Don’t laugh

Okay, don’t laugh at this post.  This post is for those of you who use a wheelbarrow daily to pick up and move manure.  Today I’m excited because I have a new wheelbarrow tire.  Don’t laugh!!!!!  The tire that came with the wheelbarrow kept going flat.  So I bought another of the same kind.  Again it split and went flat.  Then Ralph Kewish told me they make a heavy duty tire that was a little wider and had more tread.  That was great and lasted a lot longer but eventually it went flat also.  So I bought a “no flat” tire.  I absolutely HATED that one.  It was smaller in diameter and thinner.  It was difficult to push through any snow.  Any dips or bumps stopped me dead in my tracks, shin busting up against the wheelbarrow.  So now I bought a garden tractor front tire.  It’s big, wide and has lots of tread, yahoo!  It glides over rocks and small ditches and I suspect it’ll last a long time.  Funny the things that make me happy.

The first picture show the progression of different tires, left to right: the one that came with the wheelbarrow, the heavier duty tire, the no flat tire and finally the garden tractor tire is on the wheelbarrow.  The next two picture compare the no flat with the garden tractor tire.


4 responses to “Don’t laugh

  1. We can relate. We are getting to know Sam at Barnsley Tire very well. The most recent tire was on the muck cart and while it was at Sam’s waiting for the new tire to arrive in the afternoon the “good” tire exploded in the back room. Sam and crew thought they were under attack by some counter-culture person wandering along Pearl Street. Tire(s) fixed – available for a race.

  2. Hey, I’m not laughing; I use a wheel barrow during the winter months because frozen manure won’t move through my spreader. I, too, have lots of trouble with flat tires. I’ll try a garden tractor tire; maybe it will even help in the 10 inches of slick mucky mud in the spring!!

  3. The only thing to be careful of is if the tire will fit. Look at the last picture and how it barely fit in my wheelbarrow. I measured both the width and diameter to make sure it would work.

  4. One more thing. The garden tractor hub is not even on both sides. You need to figure out some spacers to keep the tire centered.

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