Halter Sidepull

We sometimes get inquiries about riding in a rope halter.  Pictured is my Rope Halter Sidepull. It’s a nice alternative to using a bit if that works for your horse and you.

Many trainers start young horses with a side pull. This allows the horse to learn directional signals without placing pressure on a sensitive mouth. Horses that are uncomfortable carrying a bit can respond well to a side pull. Horses with dental problems, malformed jaws or other facial injuries may be more comfortable in a side pull than a bit.

Using a side pull on the trail makes it easier for the horse to snack and drink.

This halter is 6mm mountain climbing accessory cord.  The rings can be adjusted up to the nose knots or down to the Fiodor knot where my hand is.  Brass or silver colored rings are available.  Thicker or thinner, stiffer or softer rope also available.  I will work with you to get the correct dimensions so the halter will fit snuggly.


4 responses to “Halter Sidepull

  1. What will the Rope Halter sidepull cost? Can a wider noseband be created?

  2. In 6mm rope the cost is $22.50. In a 7mm diameter rope the noseband would be wider. That one would cost $25. It’s a little more difficult to tighten the ring knot with the thicker rope. I have not made one with the thicker rope but don’t know why it wouldn’t work.

  3. I was thinking of the wider color-coordinated nosebands – don’t know how they are made. Like the one Kerry Greear uses on Hawk.

    • I don’t know what Kerry uses on Hawk but I have seen halters with braided noseband or covered nosebands. I’m not familiar with whether there is a function to the wider noseband or if it is just for looks. It’s not something I have done or do.

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