Time to rotate your Curry

It’s time to rotate the head of your metal curry.  Many of us use a metal curry to clean mud, dirt or sweat from our horses.  While there is some controversy concerning the use of metal curries on horses they are a valuable grooming tool when used correctly.

First, it seems obvious but only use the curry over the fleshy parts your horse.  Avoid the head, spine and lower legs.  Cheryl and I worked for Don Nesbitt, (1907-1988, 1932 World All-Around Champion).  He loved using a metal curry to groom with, even for the mane and tail.  He was a crusty old cowboy who made a fortune running a D-9 Caterpillar in the swamps of Florida.  Maybe more on that in a future post because we had some very colorful adventures working for him for one season in 1980.  He taught me to rotate the head of the metal curry.  If you look closely, the teeth on each side of the curry are different lengths.  Each side IS different!!!!!  I use the longer teeth in the Winter time when the horses have hairier coats.  In the Spring I rotate the head to the shorter teeth.  Since the horses are shedding the hair builds up in the teeth.  It is much easier to flip the hair out of the shorter teeth than the longer ones.  The shorter teeth are also less scratchy to the horse’s skin when they have their finer summer hair coats.  So rotate the head of your curry to the correct teeth length.  But wait, easier said than done.  Often the spring is rusted or full of gunk.  It can be a bit of a chore to pull the metal circles up from the handle in order to rotate them.  Some lubricant and putting the handle in a vice might be necessary the first time.  It gets easier the more you do it.  Happy grooming.


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