My first ride on Ellie

Crimzon Ellie is finally under saddle and being ridden. After 3 years of ground work and ponying she is now carrying us.  Thanks to some wonderful work by Cheryl and Karen Stewart first,then Maree McAteer and now Jo Pavlis, our baby is now grown or at least growing up.  My first ride was at Jo’s place on Friday May 27th.  First Jo rode Ellie and Cheryl rode a support horse on a hilly trail around the property.  Then Jo asked if I would like to get on Ellie.  It was almost too easy.  At first she put her ears back to figure out what I was doing on her back since only Jo had been there.  But in typical Ellie fashion she just said, “Oh, I get it.”  And off we went.  Woohoo!

My 88 year old mother was visiting and even though Ellie had only met her a few times it was obvious to me that she recognized her and was happy to see her.


One response to “My first ride on Ellie

  1. looking good, congratulations

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