Cheryl’s turn

  Yesterday was our visit day for Ellie.  This time it was my turn for my first ride on her.  Joanne  had Ellie saddled and working in the indoor arena when we arrived.  She had Ellie trotting in nice big circles with much more direction.  Jo did say that Ellie does best out on trail.  More foreword and happy in general.  That makes sense to me given that is what she has known since we first started to pony her out with us while she was still nursing.  Outdoors and trails is where she grew up.  Jo was mounted on her steady eddie school horse “Trusty” and off we went.  Ellie enjoyed being side by side when it was possible, and sometimes would lead. When we got to places that she was not as confident in, the back end of Trusty’s butt looked real good to her.  Nothing like a security blanket butt to snuggle in behind.  The most difficult part of her ride yesterday was getting to a semi muddy crossing that was wide enough she could not jump it.  It was still soft enough that the horses sunk in about 8 inches.  So not so deep that it was off the charts scary, but enough that she is learning about soft footing.  We rode for about an hour and maybe did about three miles of rolling terrain.  We finished the ride by coming through a pen with cattle in it and loafing sheds. She had to look a little but nothing bad.

Overall from the smile on my face in the last picture, it was a good day.




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