Getting the Easyboot Glove to stay on

There has been some talk lately about the frustrating moments learning to use Easyboot Gloves.  While there is a learning curve to get them to work for you they CAN stay on in the best and worst conditions.  It may take some tweeking of the boot and or the horses hoof but if you are committed to being barefoot and using boots for protection you will find what works for you and your horse.

Below are some of the first things to consider when fitting the Glove and a couple of video tips from Easycare to help make them work better.  I have used the Glove successfully in terrible conditions and have some other hints and ideas in addition to what Easycare advocates.  Email me or comment on this post and I will gladly work with you.  I know how frustrating it is to lose boots.  It took me a season of tweeking and experimenting.  Eventually doing some of my own trimming and a tape and glue protocol worked so that I haven’t lost a boot since I figured it out for my horse.  Hang in there if you are having problems.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you figure it out for you and your horse.

Click on the links

Proper fitting of the Easyboot Glove

Using a Powerstrap

Using Athletic tape


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