Stacy Westfall Clinic/Belt Buckle Poem

Had a very nice weekend with Stacy Westfall, her husband Jesse, Jo and Steve of Milemakers, who put on the clinic,  and a slew of great participants and auditors.  Stacy has a plethora of riding experience that she is very willing and able to share.  A few auditors were smart enough to brings paper and pens because the amount of information and words of wisdom Stacy shared were way too much to just try to remember.  No matter what your level of horsemanship or what your discipline there were ideas that you could apply to your situation.  The cloverleaf pattern and wandering circles exercises she had the riders doing are valuable tools to use to build up many different levels of communication with your horse.
After watching a youtube video of the Ellen DeGeneres Show with Stacy I saw how proud she was of a belt buckle she was wearing.  Many of us who have earned belt buckles or have buckles we like can be very attached to these buckles.  One evening after the clinic while relaxing in my trailer I wrote this poem.  Enjoy.
Belt Buckle
A functional ornament for all to see,
An announcement and insight to your personality.
Simple and hidden is not the cowboy way,
They’re often a platter commemorating a day.
Some are art beautifully made,
For others a price has been dearly paid.
Wranglers or Levis are a curtain to design,
Some make me jealous wishing they were mine.
Like shields of armor reflecting the sun,
Shiny silver metal weighing close to a ton.
Ask the wearer and a tale will ensue,
Whether words or a flash,
A belt buckle is you!

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