A horse’s foot, A look from the outside and inside

Here is a long but interesting article looking at horses’ feet.  If you trim your horse or are interested in trimming your own horse this will help.  The most helpful thing for me when learning to trim was what a good foot looks like.  What am I aiming for.  When you know what it is you are trying to get to, trimming seems a lot easier.  Sometimes words get in the way but they sometimes help me understand why I am rasping here or leaving hoof here or there.  It is also evident that many things apply to many horses and sometimes I scratch my head not having seen a problem which seems to be common.  Take what you can from the following article.  Taking the responsibility for trimming your own horse can be another rewarding way to be a steward to your horse.

So How Do My Horse’s Feet Look? Learning to Evaluate Your Horse’s Hooves


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