January will see the change

Thanks for all of you who have followed and visited our website/blog.  Starting January 1, 2012 Lynn Cudlip and Mark Daily will be taking over the “endurance” retail side of Max Tack.  It will become Flattop Tack with Lynn and Mark’s new ideas and enthusiasm.

Hopefully at that time I will make the changeover of this site to reflect the new emphasis Max Tack will be taking.

We will concentrate on barefoot and booting for horses locally.  Randy has been building his trimming clientele here in the Boulder, Longmont, Hygiene and Lyons Colorado area.  We will fit and sell Easycare boot products especially the Easyboot Glove which we have been using successfully for two seasons now.

I will also continue to make and sell rope halters and leads which started the business 20 years ago.  Max Tack halters and leads have been a quality piece of equipment for trainers and everyone at affordable prices.

Max Tack also has become a manufacturer of some interesting items for the horse enthusiast.  Cheryl continues to make her rope baskets with her unique shapes and wonderful colors.  Randy has developed two pieces of equipment that he is manufacturing.  The seretta is already featured on this site.  “Soon” to be revealed is the new Invisible Rein Extender.  More on that “soon.”

Again thank you all for your patronage and we’ll see you out on the trail.


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