Invisible Rein Extender and Holder

There was a discussion sometime ago on the MRER Facebook page about rein extenders. At that time I had an idea and said I would work on it. Throughout the summer and fall I made a few prototypes of a simple but useful piece of equipment. I call it the “Invisible Rein Extender and Holder. It’s a strap which doesn’t allow your reins to fall over your horse’s neck when it puts its head down to eat or drink. One of the problems with normal extenders is that they were always in the way, either I was sitting on them or they interfered with my holding of the reins. My unique design keeps them out of the way until they come into play when the horse puts its head down. The other problem with extenders is that unless you were quick to grab them sometimes you wouldn’t catch the reins and they would fall down on your horse’s head anyway. My design attaches the extender to the saddle so you never have to think about grabbing it in a hurry. It is especially useful for photographers on horseback who need both hands to hold their camera. The reins won’t fall away while you or they are getting that best shot. Also if your horse is a good eater or drinker on trail the IRE&H can be adjusted to the correct length so that it allows the horse to put its head down without us grabbing the reins and giving them mixed signals when they hit the end of the reins and bit before they get their drink. The IRE&H is also designed that if a horse gets loose the reins will stay off the ground and in case they do get entangled will break and not hurt the horse. It makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for your equestrian friend or for yourself. They are $6.95 plus tax and shipping when applicable. Give a call or email us and we’ll get them out to you ASAP.



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