String cutter for hay bales

What do you use to cut the strings on your hay bales?  We used a web cutter like the yellow one pictured here.  It worked great!  Easy to handle, quick, safe and inexpensive.  But alas over this last weekend we loaded up the barn with the remainder of our hay from where our hay provider was storing it.  The cutter got buried somewhere in the stack.  We’ll eventually find it but until then it was back to a knife or wire cutter.  That is until I noticed the promotional letter opener we had gotten from our State Farm Insurance agent.  It kind of looked like the web cutter and lo and behold it worked great.  It doesn’t have the grip the web cutter had but again it’s easy, quick, safe and inexpensive, as in free.  And we have an unlimited supply of them from our insurance agent when we lose it or it breaks.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.  Ride safe.


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