Boot spare parts


This post has been mulling around in my brain for a while.  Then on a recent trail ride the gaiter of a backcountry boot on my wife’s horse looked a little loose.  Sure enough one of the screws had worked itself  out.  The screw was gone!  I carry a leatherman multitool in my pack and secured the other screws and we were able to complete the ride without losing the boot.

What this reminded me is to always carry some spare parts or even a spare boot when riding.  Easyboot used to have a saying, “Carry an Easyboot or get a sense of humor.”  That was a time when easyboots were used as spares in case your horse would lose a shoe.  My wife completed the last 40 miles of Tevis with an easyboot.

These days we have to guard against boot malfunctions as that is the primary form of hoof protection.  Even though most of our horses, since they are kept barefoot, would be fine to finish a ride barefoot.  It’s nice to have spare parts and be able to fix a boot on the trail when necessary.

So what I suggest is as old boots wear out,  don’t throw them away!  Either keep them and carry them as spares.  Or take off the gaiter and carry it with screws as spare parts. Remember though gaiters are boot size specific  At the very least a few screws in a pocket or pack could save  a nice ride.  Also don’t forget the multitool with a philips head to tighten the screws.

So “Carry spare parts or get a sense of humor.”




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