Emergency Whistle


High_Quality_with_Whistle_Bracelet_Buckles_for.jpg_200x200As a member of a Mounted Search and Rescue group we take different courses and seminars.  At one recent course the question of what emergency items to have with you came up.  One member mentioned they thought a valuable but often overlooked item to have is a whistle.  While hiking with friends the next week the same discussion came up and we all pulled out whistles that we had in our packs.  I then mentioned we really didn’t need them as all our packs had snap buckles that were whistles.  They were unaware of this.  If you have any packs or items you ride with, either on you or your horse, check to see if they have this type of snap buckle.  Nice to know you have one in an emergency.


One response to “Emergency Whistle

  1. Bill & Sue Lyke

    What? I’ve never seen a snap that is a whistle. S

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